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Our Programs
Brigade MKE

The Shular Institute is a modern hospitality and advanced culinary arts program created to nurture and develop current and future leaders in the hospitality industry. Led by Certified Master Chef Daryl Shular, Brigade MKE offers a variety of training programs to accommodate a wide array of professional goals, career objectives and individual lifestyles.

UpStart Kitchen
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Brigade MKE is a city-wide initiative that teaches culinary and hospitality skills to Milwaukee children ages 14 to 22. Brigade MKE will feature apprenticeship training to help the local workforce in the Milwaukee area, ensuring that young people have the skills they need to start successful careers in high-demand, high-growth industries.

Brigade MKE was launched by Prism EDC in collaboration with the Shular Institute. The program will be run out of the Parklawn Assembly of God Church in Sherman Park, which has commercial culinary facilities.

UpStart Kitchen began with a query from Parklawn Assembly of God Church leaders: How can we do more for our city together? The solution is that we may rely on our faith to help individuals by providing new opportunities where none previously existed and uniting our community around a common goal. A vision for establishing culinary businesses that bring people together.

UpStart Kitchen, Prism EDC's first program, gives Sherman Park's greatest chefs a chance to pursue their dream of making a profession from their creations. Entrepreneurs at UpStart Kitchen have the passion, ability, and culinary knowledge; UpStart Kitchen supplies the final ingredient in their success recipe: a commercial kitchen.

UpStart Kitchen provides tools, training, mentorship, and more in addition to the open
kitchen area.

Community Meals

Community Meals

The Community Meals Program is a free meals program providing fresh, ready-to-eat meals to participants in Milwaukee County’s Housing First program who are facing food insecurity.

Since March 2020, the Community Meals Program has served thousands of meals to families in need, thanks to the support of Milwaukee County, the City of Milwaukee, and contributions from individuals and philanthropic organizations.

The program not only serves meals in the community but also serves as a training ground for entrepreneurs who are new to the commercial food service industry.

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